Friday, April 15, 2011

Q#2 - How have you changed in the past 2 years?

Well, actually, I don't even know if I have changed that much!
I mean, I feel pretty much the same way I used to be, but I guess I've learned to be a little bit more social while leaving the idea of getting straight A's to the side. It's not like I don't care about studies, but now my priorities are completely different. 
I've realized there are so many fck'd up stuff in this world that I really want change in this world and so I will look for as many opportunities as possible to help and, on the other hand, I want to experience as much as possible!
At the same time, I've learned to be a little bit more open about who I am and about what I like. It has been a rather entertaining journey with all the new people I've met recently, and I hope I continue just being... myself. 

Besides that, rather superficial aspects of my life have changed, but nothing quite important to remember, oh no, wait... Now I use make up!

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