Friday, July 9, 2010


The nurse can't seem to figure out the painter and so she is simply giving up. After all that's why she's taking a whole year to born. However, isn't that ridiculous? That you take 5 years to born and then you realize that you won't even going to live.
Quite unreasonable if you ask me.

But you are obviously not asking me and certainly not giving a shit about what I'm saying, but please, really, believe me when I say it's hard.
Believe me when I just say it's as hard as an erection. And if I had ever seen one, that would be a whole lot more meaningful sentence. But I haven't. I'm just a 21 years old virgin talking about frustrations and nurses and artists just to avoid the unavoidable bed time.

So, let's just try to figure out how much will it take me to born.

And that's quite unreasonable if you ask me... but thanks for not asking.

Thank you.

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