Monday, May 14, 2012

Pffft.... (PIC Heavy)

I think I will fail one of my classes (for the lamest reason ever haha) but oh well!
I finally finished it and I'm kind-of-glad with the whole result. I focused on my art work, got another job (full time, yay) and just tried to handle everything.
My social life suffered but, oh well, I need to learn from my mistakes.

On other news, I'm bringing a set of random photos from my iPod, just to fill space and stop feeling guilty for not posting as often. Have a terrific day :)

Free food!

Nina helping me out.

Found this in the painting studio. Quite lovely.

Want to read this. 


I really want to see this movie. Wonder if they have it in Netflix...

Greenery, at Sunland Park Mall. El Paso.

San Valentine's Day gift.

The poster at my boss's office front door. 

Nina doing her hw... with my stuff animals.

Want to try this out.

Alice from Disney

Alice from Disney

Chelsey Wood

Jason Lucero, 2012

Sergio Ramirez III, 2012

Efren Lechuga, 2012

Anna Jaquez

Anna Jaquez

My professor's lunch... on a folder. Eating like a boss. 

Taiwanese tea.

Taiwanese food.

Yi-Tin making me food.

Yi-Ting studying at the library. At 3:00am.

My boss... sleeping.

NOTE: None of the work presented is my own. I don't have all the proper artists's names but if you are the artist or know him/her, please let me know so that I can give the proper credit. Thank you. 

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