Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You can tell me the direction. But you can't.

I wonder if it's some kind of joke on behalf of the destiny; just like my christmas present -which was actually a w o n d e r f u l present. And what can I say, the overall context of the same present was just as great.

But, going back to the joke, I simply don't know how to react and I certainly don't know what to expect. Things are going into all directions, but the footstep is always at the same doorframe. I would like so many things which I have to understand: will never happen.
Yeah, I just have to give a huge sip of true and let it digest. Hope? Destiny? Just doubt it. Things have been a little rough, but a little soft. A little bright and a little dark.
You know, just like everything in this world.

I can say that I want to know, but I perfectly know that knowing it's not the answer; it's just the start, nothing else, nothing more. And even feeling is such a small step towards anything.
For Jesus Christ, I'm and art major and I can not feel, I can not react.

I wonder and I wonder, and I kind of expect it, but then just forget. The flowers are blossoming inside the book and I just wait for some kind of sign. I know, I know.
I know what you think. Yes, I do know.

Now, lets hope the destiny tells me what he/she wants.

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