Sunday, November 7, 2010


Driving is like my catarsis: The moment of freedom at which I'm disconnected from everything and everyone; and I'm just there, existing.

I guess people talk about it all the time, and yet, I feel like I'm some sort of special, different of the rest (even though this is the most common feeling whatsoever). I remember all these dreams that I used to have when I was just a kid, and they were basically two types.
The first one was about me driving this super old white car, getting lost at the forest, but driving as free as a bird. Without any worries, without anyone watching me. Just me and my white car, moving thru the lonely road, running without a stop, start or reason. Just flying above the road.
Yeah, you can tell that one was one of my favorites.

The second dream was way simpler: My family would die at a car accident, as simple as that (and stupid as that). But, I remember those dreams so clearly and constant, it surprises me. I sometimes even think they are memories of an earlier life.... and other times, I simply realize that I must have watched a movie that dealt with cars.

I will obviously never know, but still, that connection is at the back of my mind every time I drive; recalling it every time I leave University and feel the powerful air hitting my face at the rhythm of music.
One by one, the movements of my feet and hands control what could be the end of my life... or just a simple ride. I dunno, I guess I'm just happy about finally knowing how to drive.

{ Stupid

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