Saturday, January 23, 2010

Remember, you are perforated.

It's being a while, and I still remember the feeling. The sensation.
Can you?

I'm sure you do... I'm sure you can... I'm sure you want...

Feel the little shocks under your skin and the abnormal sensation of.. what? blood finally moving?
Come on, let's go... each other to their own destiny. Come on, you had that wonderful experience and now your blood is all over the place {Moving}.

How come, that it's the same as always, and yet, as powerful as the first time?

Just Feel, and it will be wonderful. I promise.

Prooomise. Like those little sheeps. Promise me you will feel.

Loss of sensitivity? Nah, this is a whole new world and we don't know such things as "loss". We gain, and feel... and gain.

Just as the first, and last time.

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