Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Design I = Randomness

Ahm... So I have being taking photos from my classes since the beginning of the semester... and well, I didn't really know what to do with them, so I will just post them so that I don't lose them :D

Uh... these are some little cups with all these types of gray
which I totally hated that we used to play around... instead of doing the project... OBVIOUSLY!
Hahaha, I think we are going to end up in hell... hahaha!

Well, here again... we were trying to understand the Law of Gravity...
and all that complex stuff (?) while Louie was showing off his Gurren Lagann backpack :D

And here, we have Louie again being the Macho-sexy-man he usually is !!!
And that little fan is actually de project we were doing xD

And here is my professor showing off our perfect projects as
the proud professor he is of his students (me included! *fails the project*)

Another project which I totally hate and therefore I won't say which one is mine...

I just love how all the color wheels look together..
though, I hate the stupid yellow tone from my camera...

A cupcake from Halloween.... MAN! It was good... I miss him :(

Yay... and this is a totally diferent day but now you can see (from Left to Right):
Gilbert, Rocio Rosario and Louie... Aren't they some hotties? ;3

Maan... I think I will miss them... ok not! I will take a class with Louie next semester so.. yay =D

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